Harmonic Crystal Sounds for the Awakening /Reconnection of the Soul

Today many of us are aware that whatever symptom we may have, physical or otherwise, is caused by a lack of balance in the subtle body and in the more subtle dimensions.

This happens especially when the soul is no longer connected to the Divine Source and has lost the memory of its task on Earth. The energy of Love no longer flows through our existence causing more and more of what all of us are living in this period: suffering, power, manipulation and so forth.

A period of great conflict but also of widespread Awakening of the Soul and of Consciousness. This is where … SACRA … comes into play.

Yes, because the Awakening of Consciousness contains / has in itself access to awakenings, reconquerings, and welcoming abilities and knowledge that have been dormant for a long, long time.

This is what happened to me and is still happening.

How is this technology carried out?

Quite simple I "get" connected to cosmic frequencies and these go through me and are translated into sounds coming from the heart, and transmitted with the voice of and by means of quartz crystals. These crystals amplify the vibrations of the sounds and, reaching the person or people (when the sessions are group sessions) start to "operate".

This is quantum surgery!

When particularly intense existential experiences are not completely integrated and therefore not totally transmuted, they remain suspended in some "space" in the subtle bodies. "Holes" are created in these spaces, encrusted with deposits  of  identity,  memories, concerned with the type of trauma or shock that happened. The soul cannot get to these spaces and therefore cannot show itself and is blocked, falls asleep, a sort of amnesia occurs. The Source is no longer connected and the soul erroneously identifies itself with the memories of that cyst, memories that which reiterate from life to life. For this reason they have to perpetually repeat experimentation, the same programmes, experiences and behaviours… in short, same film, same pain.

The sonic vibrations, amplified and transmitted by crystals, penetrate the subtle bodies from the physical body, reaching those programme deposits. Some frequencies are assigned  to breaking and removing those identies, other vibrations are destined to repair the holes and yet others are to restore the integrity of the bodies.

This process of quantum healing re-awakens l'anima which is IMMEDIATELY reconnected to the Source, to the Divine Origin.

Most of the people che receive SACRA  energies sense an immediate flow of strong energy and a great FEELING OF RECONCILIATION AND LOVE FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR LIFE.

The process of healing and reconnection is immediate … the point is the we have many "holes"…

It would also seem that these holes are not only caused by trauma or shock, but also by energy structures / frameworks which the human race has had since the colonization of the Earth.

The vibrations of SACRA, white/gold and indigo,  as well as repairing the interruptions described above, also eliminate energy frameworks which live on our creative energy swallowing it up and padlocking the love frequencies of the heart, preventing us from welcoming and tranmsuting the experiences of life. This framework has a distinguishing shape and is to be found between the solar plexus and the heart, causing a cronic feeling of physical tiredness and preventing us from following the intuitions of Light that should come right from the heart!

When this framework is removed a continuous and constant healing of the subtle bodies takes place and the heart of the soul is reconnected immediately to the HEART of CRYSTAL of HOLY EARTH and thus to the DIVINE SOURCE. (Where the framework was before, there is now an enormous shining crystal!)

The Unique Colour of each Soul

However the removal of this framework is only a step on the way taken with SACRA sessions.
It is important to know that every soul has its own specific vibratory frequency which corresponds to a very precise colour and sound.
Now the framework of this energy block has been generated by the emission of particular sounds, changing its frequency (it sounds like science fiction but I assure you it isn't!). After unblocking the framework therefore,  the next step by attending SACRA sessions, I to find that Unique and specific vibration which characterizes each soul.

This objective is very important since to restore one's original frequency and recognise its colour means to have access to the qualities, attitudes and knowledge present in every being which are waiting to be expressed in their fullness at last.

To be reconnected to the essence closed within the soul, which in turn is connected to the Source, inevitably opens the heart, allowing the energy of love to flow with all its strength, into every cell of the physical body and the subtle bodies and to perceive the profound union with Mother Earth's Crystal Heart.

May the call of the SACRA vibrations be heard by many and may the light shine on our beautiful soul and bring us HOME at last!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Loredana